Breast Cancer Awareness

Movement is life!  Our lymphatic system is key to a healthy immune system and movement is key to a healthy lymphatic system!  Your lymphatic system is your bodies defense system.  The bodies lymphatic system works to remove virus’s, bacteria, toxins and waste from the body.

Lack of movement, stress, and environmental toxins can take a toll on the body and the lymphatic system.  Manual lymphatic drainage massage helps the body’s natural defense system through movement.  Lymphatic massage helps to move stagnant lymphatic fluid.  The Vodder Method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage is the leading standard in MLD therapy. This method has been used since the early 1930’s when it was developed by  Dr. Emil Vodder, PhD.

The method is gentle and relaxing as the technique is applied to the various key areas of the body.  The regions correlate to the main lymphatic pathways.  As the lymph flow is increased from the lymphatic massage the toxins and other cellular debris are removed from the body naturally through the urinary system.

Utilizing the benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage can help your body through increasing the effectiveness of the immune system.  A healthy immune system is key to a healthy and vibrant life.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage is effective for both pre and post surgical procedures, overall immune health and addressing over 40 different conditions.  You can read more about the conditions that the Vodder method of MLD can benefit on our site.  Schedule your MLD session and help your body to improve the movement of your lymphatic system. Remember movement is life!