Frequently Asked Questions


Is Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) painful?

No, in fact it is a very soothing and gentle technique.


Do you use special equipment for Lymphatic Massage?

No, our therapists are specifically trained in The Vodder Method using hands on techniques that increase lymphatic flow, that will be eliminated by the body naturally.

We do utilize Medi-Cupping and micro-current in conjunction with the Vodder Method of MLD to help achieve improved outcomes with less time.


Do I have to get undressed?

No,  MLD can be performed while fully dressed.  We recommend loose clothing with limited constriction on the body to enhance the treatment.


How quickly will I see results?

Depending on the condition and amount of swelling/edema, you may be able to see results immediately. Many clients feel the swelling/edema reduce with the first session!


How many sessions are required for the best results?

Our experience has been that with 3 consecutive sessions you will see and feel noticeable results! Regular follow-up sessions for maintenance are suggested to maintain fluid loss and increase wellness.


Does insurance cover this therapy?

  You will need to check your individual carrier and policy details.


Do I need a prescription for MLD?

When utilizing medical insurance benefits to cover the cost of treatment, a prescription is required stating that MLD is  “medically necessary” along with diagnosis codes, length and number of session needed.



Can I receive MLD without a prescription?

Yes,  many patients pay at time of service for treatment.


Who can benefit from MLD?

Everyone, from infants to the elderly.

If you have more questions about Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy or other holistic therapy services we provide, please review the website or contact our office.