Referring for MLD 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage helps to achieve better patient outcomes.

Many surgeries and procedures are planned. MLD before surgery acts to kick start the lymphatic system. Lymphatic Massage Therapy following a procedure accelerates the body’s healing process.  After a surgery or injury the lymphatic system is working hard to heal the body. Research has shown that Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) accelerates the healing process, reduces swelling, inflammation and much more.  

We collaborate with medical professionals to provide their patients with therapy options to accelerate their healing and shorten the recovery time, which results in the best possible healing outcome.  Patients who experience MLD following a surgical procedure or injury experience less pain, less bruising, swelling, more movement and improved scar formation and appearance.

Our office works with a patient centered approach and we welcome referrals from Primary Care Physicians, Surgeons, Physician Specialist and other health care professionals.

Consider referring your patient for:

  • Surgical recovery and pre-planning
  • MLD therapy to reduce and manage edema and pain
  • MLD to help manage chronic pain
  • Lymphatic Drainage to manage disease and trauma
  • Scar therapy
  • MLD for lipedema and lymphedema
  • Stress management and wellness solutions

Click below to open and download or print the Prescription Letter of Referral to the Health Studio for Manual Lymphatic Drainage, pre-post surgical consultations or other therapy services:

Prescription Letter of Referral