Integrative Medicine and Pain Relief

Integrative Medicine and Pain Relief

While Integrative Medicine is a relatively new term, obtaining pain relief through holistic methods is not new.  The Vodder Method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage has been used for providing relief from pain since the early 1930’s.  This natural approach provides a method to treat pain without the harmful effects associated with addictive medications.  This method can be used in conjunction with traditional medical care, and with prescribed pain medication to help reduce the long term need for these prescriptions.

The Vodder Method of MLD can reduce pain, decrease edema or swelling, and promotes a calming sensation to the mind and body.  With the reduction of congested lymph you receive the benefits of less pressure on the nerves and muscles.  This results in an overall reduction of pain. Simultaneously the bodies nervous system moves to a state of calm with the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.  This is the state for healing and recovery.

As the lymphatic system is optimized in its function the bodies immune system is optimized as well.  This results in the reduction of potential infections and increased healing and recovery.

Integrative Medicine is a term used to describe the use of combining traditional Western Medicine approaches with holistic therapies which focus on the whole person.  Using this combination approach can bring about the best possible recovery and overall wellness.  Whether you call this approach Integrative or Complementary Medicine the end result of the goal for individuals remains the same- improved health.  

We offer specialized services that can:

  • reduce pain and muscle tension
  • minimize swelling and bruising
  • reduce anxiety, depression and stress
  • improve lymphatic congestion
  • improve your overall health and well being

The services we provide are designed to improve your health, and enhance your quality of life through the use of therapies that can address a broad range of physical symptoms.

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