What is Lipodema?

Lipedema also known as Lipoedema 

Lipodema is a medical condition that is often confused with lymphedema. The individual with this condition may appear to be simply obese and/or to have extremely swollen legs and swollen abdomen. The condition is an uneven distribution of fat cells in the sub-cutaneous regions generally in the legs or abdomen. One major frustration of people with lipodema is that they are accused of being simply “fat,” which is absolutely not the case. 

Lipodema can even occur in very slender women, in which case the women will have a slender upper body and slim hips, but very large legs. Lipedema can occur at any age but it is most common for it to arise during puberty or pregnancy.

The signs of lipodema are distinctly different from lymphedema.
  • First, swelling does not extend to the feet, but extends from the abdomen to the ankle. 
  • Second, the limb texture is rubbery not hard. 
  • Third, pitting edema can be present.
  • Fourth, *Stemmer’s sign is negative and finally infections that plague lymphedema patients are generally not a problem with lipodema. 
   Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a holistic method which benefits, treats and manages this condition.
Stemmer’s Sign, a thickened skin fold at the base of the second toe or second finger that is a diagnostic sign for lymphedema. *Stemmer’s Sign is positive when this tissue cannot be lifted but can only be grasped as a lump of tissue; it is negative when it is possible to lift the tissue normally.


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