Lymph Therapy and Surgical Recovery

The awareness of the benefits of manual lymphatic drainage, MLD, is reaching more Physicians. As this awareness has grown, so to has the use of this gentle but powerful technique increased.  MLD is beneficial both before and following surgical procedures.

Manual lymphatic drainage has shown to improve overall patient outcomes.  Not only does the technique help with bruising following surgical procedures, but there is also a reduction in pain and swelling.  No one enjoys being in pain, and certainly any method that can help to reduce pain levels and the use of addictive opioids is worthy of utilizing.

MLD helps reduce pain and swelling, but also activates the bodies own natural healing process and contributes to accelerating the healing and recovery after a surgical procedure.  We see this in our practice with reduced swelling and a need for individuals to adjust their compression garments to a smaller point after just one 30 minutes MLD session.  Naturally the reduction of swelling and the pressure of these additional fluids impacts the nerves and pain signals.  When the swelling is reduced, so to is the pain levels reduced-naturally!

Learn more about these and other benefits on the full site.  Remember a healthy lymphatic system is a key to good health.