Your lymphatic system is key to maintaining a healthy immune system.  Healthy functioning of your lymphatic system is critical to your body’s ability to filter and remove toxins and foreign substances, regenerate tissues, and detoxify the body.  The lymphatic system is a complex system and network consisting primarily of vessels and lymph nodes which works together to maintain your body’s health. Lymph is a fluid rich in white blood cells that fight viruses, cancer and bacteria.  Every 24 hours, about three quarts of lymph fluid circulates around the body via an elaborate system of lymph vessels.  Lymph carries the body’s waste to lymph nodes where filtering and detoxification occur.  The lymphatic system is often referred to as the fountain of youth within.

The circulatory system uses the pumping of the heart to circulate blood flow.   Your immune system relies on numerous tiny muscular units called lymph angions contracting throughout the body to propel and move lymph.  The contractions in the lymph system allow the lymph vessels to move substances such as proteins, toxins, hormones, fatty acids and immune cells to the lymph nodes, which then work to eliminate the waste.  The optimal functioning of your lymphatic system can be decreased or stopped due to stress, fatigue, cold temperatures, infections, surgeries, chemicals or food additives, emotional shock or lack of physical activity at any age.

When the lymphatic systems circulation or flow is restricted or stagnates, fluids, proteins, fatty acids, cells and toxins accumulate and your cellular functioning is significantly reduced.  This opens the door to many physical illnesses and speeds up the aging process.