Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage also known simply as MLD,  is a technique developed in the 1930’s by Dr. Emil Vodder, PhD. in France.  Also known as the Vodder Method, this light and slow touch technique works with circulating the body’s lymph fluid to the major lymph node stations within the body to excel the detoxification and cleansing of the body.

The lymph fluid runs throughout the entire body, and acts as the dumping ground for each and every cell to dispose of its metabolic waste from the burning off of fuel and energy, as well as the elimination of bacteria and viruses.

During a Lymphatic Massage the body’s waste, which is dumped into the lymph fluid, is moved to the lymph nodes which act as filters to cleanse and purify the lymph fluid and then re-circulate it back throughout the body.  The lymph system has no means of circulation unlike the blood system which has the heart to pump and circulate it throughout the body.  The only means of lymph fluid circulation is from the body’s movements such as exercise, deep diaphragmatic breathing and of course Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage.


Everyone can benefit from a Lymphatic Massage