Proven To Reduce Swelling and Pain

We provide Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage-Vodder Style, (MLD) at the Health Studio in Jacksonville, FL.  Whether you’re looking to reduce your recovery time and symptoms from surgery, or to improve your overall health and immune system, Manual Lymphatic Drainage is an excellent choice.

The Vodder Method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) is a gentle, yet powerful technique that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your lymphatic system. MLD is an Advanced Specialized Therapy in which the Practitioner uses a range of very specific and gentle rhythmic movements and pumping techniques to move the lymph fluid in the direction of the lymph pathways.

The health of your lymphatic system helps to reduce swelling, improve recovery from surgeries, injuries or illness, and works to maintain your overall body’s health and wellness.  The lymph system is often referred to as the fountain of youth within. The lymphatic system is an integral part of the immune system, filtering the blood of all cellular waste.  When working optimally it absorbs and discharges unwanted body fat, excess fluids, toxins, bacteria, viruses, hormones and assists in healing challenges related to all of the body systems.

Lymphatic Massage uses specific light, rhythmic touch to improve lymph circulation  When the lymphatic system is not performing efficiently due to stress, illness, injury or surgical procedures there can be an accumulation of fluid from blockages, damage to the lymph vessels or infection.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) can aid in recovery and enhance your lymphatic system function.


Lymphatic Massage (MLD) can reduce the pain, inflammation and scarring associated with fluid retention, or edema.  Whether your swelling is due to an injury, cancer treatment, surgery or an illness such as fibromyalgia, lymphatic massage has proven to be an effective treatment to reduce swelling and pain.  Lymphatic massage is also highly effective in decreasing edema or swelling and pain from cosmetic surgeries, liposuction, breast reduction, implants or other procedures.


The gentle rhythm and touch of Lymphatic Massage calms and soothes the nervous system.  This can reduce anxiety, depression, improve sleep and other effects of stress on the body.  As the pressure of excessive fluid is reduced in the body tissue and on the nerves, the grip of pain may also gently recede.  This gentle technique with its deeply relaxing effect can also help relieve chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis, headaches and sinus conditions.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) is a Specialized type of Massage Therapy and not all Therapist are qualified or trained to provide this service.  This technique is far different than a relaxation or deep tissue massage.  Its very important to confirm that the massage business and Therapist you are considering working with has obtained Advanced Training and Certification in this Specialized Technique.

It is also very important to inform your Massage Therapist if you have lymphedema or a damaged lymphatic system, or have recently undergone any surgical procedure because special considerations are required.  No massage technique should be conducted on anyone with an active skin infection, thrombosis, an open wound or a fever.  If you have heart or kidney disease or are under the care of a Physician, be sure to inform your practitioner.

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