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All Lymph Therapy Services are provided at the Health Studio Massage and Wellness Center located in Jacksonville, FL.  We provide Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Vodder Method, as well as other holistic therapy options including , MediCupping, Scar Release Therapy and much more. Our Specialized Therapy Services can help to speed up your surgical recovery and healing, and improve your overall health and wellness.  You can learn more about each of these specialized services under the specific “Therapy Services” tab on this site.  You can also visit our Health Studio website to learn about the many additional holistic therapy options available, as well as educational programs, and products to improve your health naturally.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your surgical recovery, manage your pain or improve your overall wellness and health, we offer specialized services that can:

  • reduce pain and muscle tension
  • minimize swelling and bruising
  • improve lymphatic congestion
  •  reduce anxiety, depression and stress
  • improve your overall health and well being

The services we provide are designed to improve your health, and enhance your quality of life through the use of therapies that can address a broad range of physical symptoms. We work with you to design a customized Integrative Medicine Care Plan that highlights the therapies, services and plan to help you achieve your specific health goals.  We also work in conjunction with other health care professionals with our team approach to help you achieve the best possible outcomes of care.  


We have several options to choose from in scheduling your Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, or other holistic therapy sessions. The session length is based on your personal needs and condition.  The optimum goal, especially if you are dealing with chronic conditions, is to work towards a maintenance level of one session every 4-6 months for improving your health and overall wellness.  A healthy flowing lymphatic system is key to a vibrant healthy life.


MLD Therapy Session

    60 Minutes       $120    SPECIAL $100


MediCupping/Massage Cupping

     60 Minutes         $75


Scar Release Therapy

    60 Minutes        $85


      Multi Modality Therapy-Customized Combo

    MLD, Massage Cupping & MPS 

     60 Minutes        $130

Lymph Therapy Packages 


  MLD Wellness Plan

Package of 3 (60 min)  $285


 MLD Surgical Recovery Plan

Package of 6 (60 min)  $540


Restorative Wellness Plan

Multi Modality Plan

MLD, Massage Cupping, and MPS

Package of 6 (Multi Modalities ) (60 min)  $680 


The number of sessions your Surgeon may recommend depends on the type of procedure you may have undergone.  While many Surgeons recommend anywhere from 10-16 sessions following Cosmetic or Reconstructive procedures, we have found that because of our combination of techniques, we are able to reduce the number of sessions needed while still maintaining exceptional patient outcomes, satisfaction, and improved recovery time, saving you both recovery time and money.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, checks, credit/debit . Billing and payment by insurance plans is dependent on the coverage in your policy.  If your plan will cover the therapy, you will need a Doctor’s prescription noting medical necessity. The prescription must contain the diagnosis code and the number of sessions and duration of treatment. Please check your policy or contact your carrier for further details. *The prices listed are based on payment at time of service. Package plans are non-refundable or transferable once activated, and must be used within 1 year of purchase.


Following your initial series of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage or other holistic therapies, we recommend a maintenance plan with a general recommendation of 1 session every 4-6 months. Sessions paid in advance and not used in the initial series may be applied to follow-up sessions.


A 24-hour notification is required for cancellation or rescheduling appointments to avoid a session reduction from your package or further billing.

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